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Welcome to Romiley Primary School.

I am very proud to be the Headteacher of Romiley Primary School. Our entire school community demonstrates their exceptional resilience, positivity and exceptional support for one another on a daily basis.

My vision for all learners at Romiley Primary School is that they know they have a unique and valuable voice, that they understand that the culture of tomorrow is not yet defined and that they are able to influence, shape, challenge and lead culture rather than simply fit in to society.

In order to do this, we need high expectations of each other. Our children need the very best academic outcomes they can achieve, but they also need to develop skills and attributes far beyond the academic. We have three words that form the bedrock of everything we do at Romiley Primary school: Resilient, Positive, Supportive. We want our children to develop these skills and attributes in a collaborative and supportive community. We learn best, when we learn together.

I hope you find everything you need on our website but if you have any questions or would like to arrange a visit to our wonderful school, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We trust that our website will be informative and helpful in further developing the existing co-operation between home and school so that, in partnership together, we can serve the best interests of the children in our care.

You can contact the school office on 0161 430 3101 or e-mail headteacher@romiley.stockport.sch.uk.

Kind regards,

Mr A Bassett

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    21 January 2022
    Mr Bassett's Blog
    Dear Parents/Carers, This week our children have been busy inside and outside school. Two year groups have been on school trips and have loved the experience, we sent an upper Key Stage 2 football team to play in a tournament at Manchester United’s training ground and Forest School is now in full swing – I was lucky enough to toast marshmallows with some Year 5s! We’ve had some really positive feedback about our new Romiley Bees! The children really seem to love them. We’ve also had positive feedback on the ‘new look’ website – we’re delighted parents like it. As the website is for our community, we welcome feedback about how we can make it better. We’d like to invite all parents to a special performance and coffee morning at the Forum Theatre on Thursday 10th February at 9.30am, where we will be exploring the issues around keeping our children safe when communicating online. There are so many apps and forums, as a parent, it can feel a little daunting. Please see the letter about 'The Net' we sent out today for more information. Year 5 parents got a taste of what’s in store for next year’s residential. Thank you coming out in the cold! If you want to find out more about the location or the activities, their website is really helpful. https://www.lakesideymca.co.uk/ And finally, here's one for the weekend: I once asked a child to name two pronouns. He said, “Who, me?” I will see some of you tomorrow for the penultimate cross-country race of the season. If I don’t, please have a great weekend. Kind regards, Mr Bassett
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    14 January 2022
    Mr Bassett's Blog
    Dear Parents/Carers, Happy Friday! Romiley Bees! We had so many children enter our Romiley bee competition! The judges were so impressed with the amount of entries, their quality and creativity. We even had a 3D sculpture! It was so hard to judge, but the judges have made a decision. The winners are… Resilient Bee: Jessica in Year 2 Positive Bee: Charlotte in Reception Supportive Bee: Rory in Year 3 The mascot bee: Amelie in Year 6 The winning bees can be seen in the attachments. The designs were redrawn to create digital images; these images can now be used on stickers, badges, certificates and posters. Look out for them in the future! They now need names… Forest School I was so pleased to see our children enjoying the Forest School area once again. Our children learn so much outside the classroom; I’d like as many children as possible to learn in our Forest School area this year. Website Our school website has had a bit of refresh! As the first window through which many people view our fabulous school, I wanted to make our website more appealing and useful. I hope you like the changes. We have added dates to the school calendar on Ping, unfortunately, they haven’t yet managed to sync with the website, but this is something we intend to do. In the meantime, you can view our school calendar through the Ping app. Newsletters Each year group has put together a brief newsletter for this term. We hope you find them useful. If you need any further information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Here's a final lesson for the week: A general rule of grammar is that double negatives are a no-no. Have a great weekend. Kind regards, Mr Bassett
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    7 January 2022
    Mr Bassett's Blog
    Dear Parents/Carers, Happy New Year! It’s been a cold, wet and dark week this week - but it has only been two days! School looks set to be as busy as ever this half term: there are more school trips planned, some new clubs, the introduction of the Romiley Help Hub and our Time to Talk groups, as well as Forest School starting again. While I anticipate there to be some challenges over the coming weeks, we are committed to giving the children excellent learning experiences in school. COVID Update: On Tuesday, there is a temporary suspension of a confirmatory PCR test; a PCR test will no longer be required to confirm a positive lateral flow device (LFD) test. If you test positive using a lateral flow device, you should isolate immediately. You can now carry out a lateral flow test on day 6 and 7, if they are both negative, you can leave isolation as long as there are no symptoms. This applies to adults who are vaccinated and children under 18. Here’s one I used to teach homophones: I went to the doctors explaining that I felt like a tepee and marquee. He said, ‘You’re too tense’ (two tents)! Have a great weekend. Kind regards, Mr Bassett
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    22 December 2021
    Autumn 2 Newsletter
    Dear Parents/Carers, Please find attached the newsletter for this half term. Have a happy and safe Christmas holiday. Enjoy time to rest and time with your families. Kind regards, Mr Bassett
  • General
    17 December 2021
    Mr Bassett's Blog
    Dear Parents/Carers, Sometimes, it is difficult to know how to start these blogs. Some weeks are more challenging than others, and I recognise that as we approach the break, there is a great deal of uncertainty in our community. Whilst this is undoubtedly a stressful time for many, please be assured that our incredibly resilient children are having a wonderful time in school. Pantomimes, parties, performances, Christmas dinner day and plenty of Christmas craft activities are all taking place. I saw reindeer made of sticks and decorations made of buttons as well delicious looking mince pies and plenty of Christmas cards this week. I am also incredibly proud of our Year 1 and Reception children for their amazing playground sing along; I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Our teachers are working really hard to give our children the Christmas at school they deserve. Theo and Anya have a message for the blog this week about their residential: “Hi Guys, Last week, Theo and I went to Glaramara with Year 6 and a few of our teachers – Mr Bassett included. Therefore, we decided to ask two children and two adults what their favourite thing about Glaramara was. First, we asked Flynn and Alice. Flynn answered with the food and the new activity – Romiley Primary have never done before – climbing in the mine! Alice enjoyed spending time with people she wouldn’t normally spend time with. Next, we asked Mr Clarke, he said that the fact everyone was so supportive no matter what, was a real highlight. The activity he enjoyed best was ghyll scrambling, as everyone was so resilient even though they were cold and wet. Then we asked Miss Thorniley, she answered that she enjoyed the laughs and the many smiles. The joke this week is… what is an elf’s favourite type of music? Wrap music!” Thank you Anya and Theo. It’s fair to say their jokes are improving! I’ll send out our termly newsletter next week, but until then, have a safe and happy weekend. Kind regards, Mr Bassett
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    10 December 2021
    Mr Bassett's Blog
    Dear Parents/Carers, This week has been one of extremes; extreme highs, extreme lows and of course extreme weather! Firstly, I am sorry for the disappointment that cancelling the Christmas performances has caused. I understand all too well as a parent myself. We have more confirmed Covid cases daily, and the LA now consider there to be an outbreak in school. Whilst they are happy with the measures we now have in place, I am very aware that many of our children in the building have Covid asymptomatically and are therefore not getting tested. I cannot, in all good conscience expose our families to this risk. As I have said to some already, part of the decision making process was about protecting our community as well as staff and children. Cancelling the production was by no means an easy decision. Instead, it’s possible you might hear some children sing on the playground next week. Keep an eye out, we might be asking parents to arrive to pick up their Reception and KS1 children slightly earlier to join in with some festive fun– we’ll let you know. There were so many highs during our residential to Glaramara, not least the climbing and high ropes inside a cave! Your children demonstrated resilience, positivity and support in abundance. Some had such a good time there were tears when it was time to come home! There certainly was extreme weather; we were scrambling up a ghyll, often waist deep in water with snow falling heavily all around us! I just want to thank the incredible staff team who spent time away from their own families to make sure the residential was an amazing success. Photos are available in the Year 6 area of the website. We are also really pleased to announce the arrival of 4 new whiteboards! Thank you to FRPS for purchasing these, the school is so grateful to have such a generous and supportive community. Every penny you contribute really does make a difference. Next week is the last full week before the Christmas holidays. The children have worked so hard this term and they certainly deserve some fun. We look forward to Christmas dinner day, Christmas parties and of course the Pantomime. And finally… last Christmas, I asked Mrs Bassett what she wanted for Christmas. She told me, ‘Nothing would make me happier than a car.’ So I bought her nothing. Enjoy your weekend, Mr Bassett
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    3 December 2021
    Mr Bassett's Blog
    Dear Parents/Carers, As a parent, I love looking through my own children’s books with them whenever I can; I hope you’ve enjoyed doing the same this week. Parents’ evenings are great opportunities to find out a little more about the work they’ve been doing in class and how to best support your child at home. I trust you’ve found them beneficial: our teachers have, I know they have hugely valued your time. If you still have your children’s books at home, please send them back in with them on Monday. Our Year 6 children are looking forward to Glaramara next week – it’s going to be a cold one though, so make sure you’ve packed their thermals! Residentials are such an important aspect of school life and teach our children so much they can’t learn in the classroom. I will be going with our Year 6 children so I won’t see you on the playground in the mornings next week. I will be back on Friday though, ready for FRPS Festive Friday! To get in the mood for Christmas, we are joining in with Christmas Jumper Day. Wear a Christmas jumper if you have one, but don’t go out and buy one specially – they could wear a hat or you could decorate them in tinsel if you wish! Just to clarify, your child does not have to wear uniform on Friday. Christmas Jumper Day is a fundraising day for Save the Children – if you would like to donate, see the link we sent earlier today. The children were very excited to see the stage go up today! I’m really looking forward to seeing my first Romiley Christmas Nativity! Anya and Theo came prepared today: Anya asked me if knew why the snowman was in the fruit and veg aisle at the local supermarket. I didn’t. She said, ‘He was picking his nose!’ Thanks Anya. Have a great weekend. Mr Bassett
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    26 November 2021
    Mr Bassett's Blog
    Dear Parents/Carers, I know you’ll share my disappointment that the Christmas Market was unable to go ahead. However, I’m really looking forward to FRPS Festive Friday on 10th December. I know it was a tough decision to cancel, but I want to thank FRPS for doing so much for the good of the children. Every penny raised is used to purchase things our school budget can’t; I was delighted to be told we could purchase two more whiteboards for classes. Thank you for your support – including all the bottle and chocolate donations! You are incredibly generous. Girls’ Football Our girls’ football team were amazing on Monday! The two teams came first and second in the competition at the Cliff (Man Utd’s training ground): I have attached a full report with images. A huge well done – the girls demonstrated our school values in abundance and were a credit to the school. Christmas Performances We’ll send some communication out next week about the Christmas performances and how we will ensure the safety of pupils, staff and parents. I place a high value on these community events and traditions; they are incredibly important and are just not the same done virtually. However, I want to reassure parents we will do our best to make these events as safe as possible. We have invited the health and safety team at the local authority to come and check our site and our risk assessment, but as you can imagine, measures will include limits on audience numbers alongside other measures. Bee Competition We have been overwhelmed by bees! I am so impressed with the amount (and the quality) of entries for the Romiley Bee Mascot design competition. Judging is going to be incredibly difficult – this sounds like a job for our amazing governors! As always, let’s start the weekend with some humour: my favourite piece of furniture is my reclining chair… we go back a long way! Have a great weekend, Mr Bassett
  • General
    12 November 2021
    Mr Bassett's Blog
    Dear Parents/Carers, The weekend has started! This week, all our children have been doing some amazing writing based on a book called Flotsam. I have been really impressed with the imagination and creativity of so many of our pupils! Why not ask them about the book and their writing. We have also been working hard on TT Rock Stars this week. Mrs Smith handed out some prizes for the children and the class with the most points this week. I have to say a massive well done to both Year 4 classes who came 1st and 2nd - particularly Mr Clarke’s class who won! I am very proud of our children and the level of respect they all showed during our two minute silence yesterday. Anya played an incredibly powerful and emotive Last Post to signal the end. If you get chance, visit the cenotaph in Romiley where our Year 6 children have displayed some poppies they made in class. As COP26 is coming to an end, I’m really pleased to say that we have our very own Eco Committee up and running in school. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the children come up with and how we can work together to look after our world better. The Head Boy and Head Girl fed back to me how great it has been to have our prefects back out in the KS1 playground, playing games with our Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children. Theo also wanted to share this with you, ‘A man walked into a bar… ‘Ouch!’’ I can see I might need to put jokes on our curriculum. Have a great weekend. Mr Bassett
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