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SEND Information

SEND Graduated Response

Every child is unique. Some children will need more support than others, and at different times, through their educational journey. This graduated response document is a helpful summary of some of the support your child may receive as they go through our school - remember though, we co-construct all support with parents and carers because we highly value this unique knowledge and insight. Together, we will design a package of support that is right for your child. 

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Wellbeing Graduated Response

Barriers to learning come in many different forms. Sometimes, a child may have educational difficulties because of other reasons. A child will not fulfill their potentional if they are hungry, tired or have low self-esteem for instance. For this reason, one of our priorities at school is to identify the barriers to learnign and put appropriate support in place - sometimes this is wellbeing support. You can see our graduated response to wellbeing below.

Wellbeing graduated response
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