World Book Day – 1 WEEK AWAY!

World Book Day is next Thursday, and our BOOK FAIR will start next FRIDAY in the Small Hall!
(How strange to think that last year’s Book Fair was SNOWED OFF! ~ can you believe it after the weather we’ve had this week?).

PAYMENTS  can be made in cash (IMPORTANT NOTICE: if coming to the Book Fair on Friday PLEASE BRING THE RIGHT MONEY, or at least SOME CHANGE! – it would really help, as the school is now run on a No-Cash basis, so we will have only a very small ‘float’ for change!)  OR  using your smart phone on Scholastic’s secure payment line.

More Book Fair news next week: about discount vouchers, about what to do if you can’t attend the Book Fair but still want to buy a book, and about using the Scholastic secure payment line.

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