Roblox Usage Alert

roblox logoWe have been alerted to the fact that many children are enjoying using a game called Roblox at the moment. The game looks fantastic from a perspective of teaching children basic coding skills, but it also carries some very real drawbacks and dangers.

The game is created by its users, meaning that inappropriate images can be posted by anybody with a Roblox account for children to see. Users also report frequent bad language and anti-social, bullying behaviour. It is also associated with computer viruses as children who want to get better at the game are drawn to other websites which claim to give them secret tips or ‘hacks’ to help them advance further, and these websites then install harmful viruses on your home computer or device.

Perhaps most worrying though is the game’s chat function. Children from Stockport primary schools have been contacted on here by unknown figures, claiming to be children interested in playing the game, but who may well have been predatory adults. Please talk to your children about whether they use Roblox. Remind them of the need to only accept friend requests from people they know in real life, to never, ever give out personal information about themselves, and to report any images or behaviour to you and the game’s moderators that make them feel uncomfortable.

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