Mrs Emma Rathbone
Parent governors (elected by parents and carers)
Mrs Gemma Nurcombe
Mrs Jenny Healey
Mr Anthony Woodings

Associate Governors

Mrs Cathy Moss-Bye

Mrs Cath Pierce

Staff governor (elected by school staff)
Mr Ben Clarke
Support staff governor
Mrs Mel Oxer

Local Authority governors (nominated by the LA)
Co-opted governors (appointed by the Governing Body)
Mrs Sally King – Chair of Governors
Mr Steven Horne – Vice Chair of Governors, Chair of Resources
Mrs Sandra Hibbert – Chair of Staffing
Mrs Nicola Ward – Chair of Teaching and Learning 
Mrs Elizabeth Clerc – Associate Governor
Declaration of Business/Personal Interests

One Governor is related to a member of staff.

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Governing Body

As a Governing Body, our purpose is to work in partnership with the school leadership team to manage the school. We take great pride in our school and share an authentic desire to achieve the best for all in our school community; children, their families and our staff.

The full Governing Body meets at least once every term and staff, parents and carers and interested members of the public are welcome to attend. We ask that you give us advance notice if you wish to attend as we may need to move to a larger room for the meeting.

Please contact school for dates of the meetings.

In addition to the full Governing Body meetings, much of the work is done in sub groups or committees and they meet on a regular basis.

Teaching and Learning
Deals with the curriculum and curriculum related issues.

Deals with the premises and budget. We seek to achieve best value and best provision within our budget. Prudent financial management means that we are in a stable financial position.

Deals with the appointment of staff and all issues related to their employment.

Each committee reviews the policies as included in their individual remits. All policies are available for anyone who wishes to read them. The minutes of all meetings, once agreed are published and are also available to anyone who wishes to read them.

All our governors are volunteers and do not claim expenses incurred during their work as members of the Governing Body.

We are fortunate to have a group of people willing to share their professional expertise and wisdom to challenge where necessary and also to support the staff. The role demands a significant time commitment but we consider it a privilege to join with the staff in providing such an outstanding environment for all the pupils. Governors also regularly attend local authority training and development sessions which enables them to fulfill their role to their best of their ability with the most up to date knowledge and training.

As a school we buy into the local authority governor support services. This includes a clerk who provides vital and efficient support.

The Chair of Governors can be contacted via the school office and will always meet with parents or carers when requested.

More information about the role and work of a school governor can be found on this Stockport Local Authority website link.

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