Year 5


Teaching Team – Mrs M Driver, Mrs P Cropper/Mrs S Wild

Welcome to our Year 5 web page – we hope you find all the information you require here.

Have a good half term holiday. Here is some optional work (see link below) that you can do to keep busy during the week.

Optional holiday homework

Home Learning 


Please can we remind all students of a few key rules to follow during our zoom lessons:

  • Mute yourself except when you have the floor
  • Keep your video on for attendance purposes
  • Avoid distracting backgrounds, things or actions (this includes pets – as much as we love to see them, please only bring them to class during ‘show and tell’)
  • Find a quiet space for you to complete the lesson
  • Be prepared for the lesson
  • Please make sure you have had your breakfast and lunch before you log on

Please behave in the same manner you would if you were in school. Our general classroom rules still apply to our virtual lessons. If you wouldn’t do it in school, please don’t do it on zoom.


Timetable  Weekly Timetable 22.02.21

Topic Grid  Topic Grid 22.2.21

English Resources to support online lessons

All resources are to be used and completed during/after the zoom lessons. Please  have them printed and ready to use but do not complete them before the lesson.

English Resources for week beginning 22.2.21

Monday 22.2.21

BBC Teach Oliver Twist Episode 1    

Oliver Twist Characters

Tuesday 23.2.21

Oliver Twist Reading Comp Tues

Determiner Challenge

Wednesday 24.2.21

spellings ible and ibly 24.2.21

ible ibly wordsearch

UI – Oliver Twist – reading text

UI – Oliver Twist – word cards for matching

Thursday 25.2.21

If,if,if then sentences

Friday 26.2.21

Imagine+ 3 example sentences


Maths Week beginning 22nd Feb

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Here is the White Rose video that goes with sheet:

Revision: Adding Fractions

Remember: To add fractions there are Three Simple Steps:

  • Step 1: Make sure the bottom numbers (the denominators) are the same
  • Step 2: Add the top numbers (the numerators), put that answer over the denominator
  • Step 3: Simplify the fraction (if needed)

Here are some videos and resources you can use to revise adding fractions.

Adding Fractions Powerpoint

Here are some revision questions you can have a go at.


Lesson 3

Here is the White Rose video that goes with sheet:

Start watching at 2:15.

Lesson 4 


Alternative maths

Lesson 1

We will work through this PowerPoint together.  Spr3.9.4-Working-with-wholes-and-parts-activity 

Please stay after the 9am lesson to work with the teacher. If you can, please have some paper cut up into squares (post it notes will be fine), blocks to build a tower and 20 counters or other small objects (e.g. pasta, buttons etc.) to use during this session.

Lesson 2


Teaching slides: Spr3.9.5-Make-equal-parts

Activity: Make-equal-parts

Lesson 3


Teaching slides: Spr3.10.1-Recognise-a-half




Lesson 4


Teaching slides:  Spr3.10.2-Find-a-half

Activity: Find-a-half







Topic resources for WC 22.02.21

Comparing rich and poor in Victorian times

Video link – BBC Two – The Charles Dickens Show, The Workhouse, Workhouses and children’s homes in Victorian times

Comparing my life with a child in the workhouse

Victorian Toys Soldier Paper Model

Victorian Toys Jack in the Box Paper Model





PE resource cards

Fitness challenge cards

Home fitness station cards



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