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Here we are at Carcassonne and our first task was to get to know the other teachers and mix with the locals. It gave us confidence to speak in French and learn about the French culture.

As you can see, we have been working hard at college.Mrs Driver is in the higher class but I am trying my best!! I have learned the phrase Je bavarde trop. Mrs Driver’s favourite phrase today is Je fais du patinage du glace which is strange because it is sunny here. Work it out.

This evening we are mixing with the locals with a game of petanque. We will teach you how to play on our return.




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  1. kyla.sutherland

    Hi Mr.O,
    What have you learned so far? And what is the weather like? The weather here is rubbish.

    • Mark Post author

      Hi Kyla,

      Il fait beau aujourd’hui. We have spent most of the day in the classroom learning different verbs and tenses. This evening we all learned to played petanque.

      For our evening meal, we had gizzards and casoulete. Lovely!

  2. I hope you’ve had a good night’s sleep and are up and ready for another exciting day. You both look very studious in the classroom, model pupils in fact – which is hard to believe;)
    Is pétanque a bit like bowls?

  3. jessica skinner

    Hi Mr o,I hope your having a good time in France .What type of punishment do they have ?we miss you a lot from Jess bye .

  4. Bonjour Mrs Driver

    In year 3 today we have been given lots of class dojo points because we are being so good while you are away.

    What have you been up to today? (Wednesday)

    The game you played looks really fun, we can’t wait to play it.

    Leo wants to know if French schools are harder than English schools?

    Annie wants to know if you are having fun or is it all hard work?

    Sophia would like to know what has been the best part so far?

    Nyle wants to know how the plane journey was and how long it took to get there?

    Sophie wants to know do all French people wear stripy jumpers and eat snails?????

    We hope you are missing us!!

    Au revoir!!!!!

    • Mr Ownsworth/Mrs Driver Post author

      Hi Kids,
      Oh it is so hot here today. We had to get up really early to get a run along le canal du midi before le petit dejeuner! Then we went to college for more lessons and fun games! We have eaten baguettes for lunch today. Mmmmmm! We are in school tomorrow so we will be able to answer Leo’s question tomorrow. We will take lots of photos so you can see the classrooms and children we meet. Guess what Sophie I haven’t seen one person in a stripy t-shirt yet! Sophia we can’t really choose a best bit yet because it has all been an amazing experience. It’s so good to learn new things. Mr O would probably say the food has been his best bit so far. We’ve not had snails yet! I think I’ve enjoyed the French lessons and making new friends. Nyle the journey took 1 hour 55 mins so not too long. When we landed it was a bit bumpy and felt like a ride at Alton Towers!
      A toute a l’heure mes petits enfants xxxxx Mrs D

      • Bonjour Monsieur Ownsworth et Mme Driver. J’espère que vous êtes à la fois profiter de votre immersion en français . Les images sont superbes et je suis sûr que les enfants français vont adorer le chant et jeu de guitare de Monsieur Ownsworth!!

        Allez-vous regarder le match de football aujourd’hui? Allez l’Angleterre !
        À bientôt. Monsieur Tomlinson .

        • Mr Ownsworth/Mrs Driver Post author

          Football match Mr Tomlinson? Unfortunately, we are working hard in our French lessons and there is no no time for football.Today, we went into a French school, sang songs and played games in English and French. Of course, we are missing the world’s best Head Teacher.

  5. lily atkinson

    Hi Mr O,
    Are you having a good time in France?
    Have the children been on their best behaviour?
    Have the classrooms got any displays?
    Do the classrooms have electronic white boards?
    Have a great time!
    From Lily xx

    • Mr Ownsworth/Mrs Driver Post author

      Hi Lily,
      It’s great here. We have learnt so much. Tomorrow we will be in a French school in Toulouse so we will let you know how it goes on our return. Hope everyone in Year 4 is OK and you are practising your French. Mr O

  6. Hi Mr O,
    Are you having a good time in France?
    Have the children been on their best behaviour?
    Have a great time!
    From Lily xx

  7. phoebe williams

    Dear Mr O

    What are the classrooms like in France?
    Do they have any bright displays on the walls?
    Have they got any computers and do they have a computer suite?
    Hope you are having a nice time!
    From Phoebe.

    • Mr Ownsworth/Mrs Driver Post author

      Hi Phoebe,

      Thank you for your comments. It is great to see that you are logging onto the blog. We are in school tomorrow so we will let you all know how it went on our return.

  8. kyla.sutherland

    Bonjour Monsieur Ownsworth,

    What are you doing tomorrow at the french school? Today we have had quite a good day. I hope you come back in one piece. And don’t be clumsy[or you’ll probably come back on crutches like my dad.]

    From Kylaxx

    • Mr Ownsworth/Mrs Driver Post author

      Glad to hear you are having fun without me. Been a long, tiring but after a good sleep, will be ready for our French lessons and will try not to fall over.

  9. Dear Mrs Driver,
    have you seen the Carcassonne wall yet?
    I am missing you so much but I am also enjoying class with Mrs Hughes
    are you having a nice time

    P.S how is the weather???

  10. hi Mrs Driver

    Has mr O eaten all the Croissants????
    I really miss you!!!!!!!
    Hurry you’re missing the bargains at TK max.
    Have you eaten any snails or frogs legs?
    Are the teachers nice at the French school?
    I hope you,ve had a fantastic time so far!!!
    Do people dress like we do or do they dress completely differently??

    love from sophia

    • Mr Ownsworth/Mrs Driver Post author

      Hi Sophia,

      There are no croissants left in France and Mr O cannot fit in his clothes!.Looks he will need a trip to TK Max when he gets back. Teachers are nearly as lovely as us and we have had a fabulous time in the French school today. I am missing you too. Mrs D x

  11. Bonjour Mrs Driver

    Guess what?!?!?!

    We are allowed to watch the England match at 2 o’clock this afternoon. We are so excited! Are you jealous??

    We hope you have a great time in the classrooms today and learn lots of new things.

    Lots of love Year 3 xxx

  12. izzy.longmate

    dear Mr Ownsworth
    from Izzy.
    what are the bedrooms like?

    Have the children taught you some new French yet?

    Have you taught them English?

    Have they taught you some knew French?

    • Mr Ownsworth/Mrs Driver Post author

      Hi Izzy,

      Today, Mrs Driver and I worked in Pompertuzat school in Toulouse. The children were very well behaved and song songs in English to us.

  13. Mrs Saxelby

    We love you photographs here in rainy Romiley! Our children are excited today as England are playing Wales in an exciting football match.
    Keep learning French and singing!

    • Mr Ownsworth/Mrs Driver Post author

      Hello Mrs Saxelby,

      How exciting to watch the football. There are lots of football fans of all nationalities here in Carcassonne. Today, lots of fans arrived from Sweden. They were all singing football songs but not as tuneful as you!

  14. lucy gater

    Hi Mr O, its Lucy and Holly

    Everyone is missing you, are the children well behaved in France? Do they all have names that are a bit like ours? We got to watch the England vs Wales match in school time, did you watch it too? What is your favourite food you have had so far in France? How are your English lessons going? Do the children enjoy them? Have our French letters been handed out yet? How is the weather in France? I bet it is better than it is in France. We hope you are enjoying being in France!!

    Best wishes Lucy and Holly 😀

    • Mr Ownsworth/Mrs Driver Post author

      Hi Lucy and Holly,

      Goodness you do have lots of questions. You were lucky watching the football while we were in our French classes. Yesterday, we all had cassoulet, which is a popular dish in his region. I’l fait beau, mais par la nuit, il pleut.

  15. william.topham

    hope you are having a lovely time. have you ate snails yet. have a lovey time.

    • Mr Ownsworth/Mrs Driver Post author

      Hi Will,

      not had snails yet but Alexia, the teacher that we worked with today told me they are lovely with garlic!

  16. Dan Parry

    Hi mr o!

    what is it like in carcason with the children.
    what are the class rooms like?
    What are the children like

    see you soon MR O

    • Mr Ownsworth/Mrs Driver Post author

      Hi Dan,

      We are having a lovely time here in Carcassonne. It is a very ancient city and in Toulouse itself, part of it is very modern and futuristic with a monorail that travels around the outskirts of the city. Everybody is extremely polite.

  17. Martha Phillips

    To Mr O

    I hope you are having a nice time!
    Are the children being good?
    Have you learnt lots of French?

    See you soon Mr O

    • Mr Ownsworth/Mrs Driver Post author

      Hi Martha,

      Mrs Driver and I have been working in Pompertuzat school, Toulouse all day. It was very interesting because pupils don’t wear school uniform, teachers wear jeans and T-shirts and they have a two hour lunch break (although they do finish at 4.30pm).

  18. lucy gater

    Hi Mr O

    The children in France have A TWO HOUR LUNCHTIME BREAK!!!!!We are doing our 5k run today. What are you doing today, any more English? Will our letters be handed out soon?

    Hope you’re having a nice time
    Lucy 🙂

    • Mr Ownsworth/Mrs Driver Post author

      Hope it goes well Lucy.

      We are just about to go to a vineyard because wine growing is a very important industry in this region and the hot climate is perfect for growing grapes.

  19. To mr ownsworth it is Erin from mrs saxelbys class I just wanted to ask : how are the children doing in there work ? Are you enjoying teaching the children ? And how is the whether? See you later…

    Erin x

  20. Faith Tia

    To Mr O and Mrs Driver,

    Hope you are having a good time, have a wonderful time, hope you are coming back soon!

    From Faith & Tia

  21. Faith

    To Mr O & Mrs Driver,

    Hope your having a nice time in France and make sure you bring back louds of news so we can hear what you’ve been up too! Have a nice time in France and we’ll see you soon! P.S We all miss you!

    :]From Faith:]

  22. Tia.galloway

    Mr O I hope you are having a good time and I hope you are coming back soon every one is missing you and I hope you and Mrs driver are having a great time and I hope you don’t miss us and I have to ask you to something what is it like in France is it cool at a French school is it better than are school from Tia

  23. Faith

    hope it goes well!

  24. Jacob Royle

    Hello Mrs O
    Are you having a great time?
    Have you learnt anything new ?
    And is there nice food?
    I miss you in maths.

    • Mr Ownsworth/Mrs Driver Post author

      Hi Jacob,

      Thanks for your lovely comments. It will be good to get back to doing some maths with you all.

  25. kaya

    hello mr O are you having a great time in France from kaya xx

  26. That sounds great well have a good time and I will see you when you come back.

    Erin xxx

  27. Sam v

    Hello. What are you doing? We miss you in French. Is the food nice? What are the children like? We are having lots of rain. Are you?

  28. joseph.bradley

    hello Mr O are you having a great time I really miss you for French and when are you coming back. please reply

  29. naiome.daniels

    Mr o ,
    Are you having a good time in France? I.s it hot today? It’s rubbish here. We have missed you and I have missed French and I keep practicing my French .It has been boring without you.
    love from Naiome xx

  30. keavy

    Hi Mr O, how are you. Is it hot over in France? Are the children’s hand writing nice.

    See you when you come back

    Keavy x

  31. charlotte.goodall

    hi Mr O

    Its Charlotte from Mrs Saxelbys class,

    Are you having a good time in France , is the weather nice there? Its rubbish here do you like teaching the children?Do they know some English words yet?

    See you later Charlotte. x

  32. Bonjour Mr O are you enjoying the sun , because were not it was only sunny in the holidays. Are you having fun teaching French children? what are you teaching them, are they doing well? what type of French have you learnt to teach us? How many children are in class?

    from grace brown

  33. zak.sillery

    Hi Mr Ownsworth,How are you at France? is it really hot? how is Mrs Driver ? what is your school called? what is Mrs DRIVERS school called?

    by Zak xx

  34. bonjour Mr O
    I hope the weather is nice. The weather here is dreadful. What has been your favourite activity so far.

  35. Bonjour Mr O and Mrs Driver,

    We hope you are having a good Friday! It is raining here now and we have been very busy today.

    Are you going to be working over the weekend? We cannot wait for a two day break!

    We are looking forward to hearing all the stories on Tuesday!

    Are you still having fun and learning lots of new things to teach us?

    We hope you get some free time at the weekend!

    See you Tuesday xx

  36. Tom.A

    Hi Mr.O
    Are you having fun becuase we are?
    Have you taught the French children English yet?

    We all can’t wait for you to return.

  37. Hi Mrs Driver,

    Are u staying in a hotel??????
    Have u eaten any snails if you are going to eat any snails DON”T eat the shells they are VERY crunchy!!!Is it fun being the kids and learning new things.

    MISS YOU!!!!

    love from Ella

  38. naiome.daniels

    Hi Mr o
    what are the schools like in France?
    what is the food like in France? it’s sunny over here today
    hope you have fun .
    from naiome

    • Mr Ownsworth/Mrs Driver Post author

      Hi Naiome,

      Take a look at the photographs which were taken today at the market and all your questions will be answered.

  39. kyla.sutherland

    Hi Mr .Ownsworth,
    Are you going to miss France or not? If you come back here and its chucking it down with rain you will probably want to go back there wont you!:)

    Have a great last day there.


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