Bon Voyage

After a very early start from Manchester, we arrived safely in sunny Carcassonne, with Chef Charles and Barnaby Bear. We have made lots of new friends and we all enjoyed an exciting treasure hunt around the medieval city this afternoon. What do you think that we had to look for?
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  1. That looks cool Mrs Lomax. What building was on the 2nd picture.Chef charles looks like he is having an awesome time i am missing you from Phoebe

    • Mrs Lomax/Mrs Bennett Post author

      Hi Phoebe,
      The building which looks like Hogwarts is ‘La Cite de Carcassonne’, which has been there since the 8th Century! It is named after Dame Carcas, who saved the city during a siege by Charlemagne. Chef Charles is exploring lots of new things and trying out new food. Today he has been to school, played Petanque and went to the lake, but was too tired to walk, so I carried him. Missing you too Phoebe. Love Mrs L.

  2. Riley thinks you were looking for chocolate coins.
    Emilia thinks sweets.
    Flick thinks real gold!
    Eloise says chocolate cake.

    Hayley wants to know how you got there?

    Jasmine wants to know if you have been in a castle?

    Riley wonders what else you have seen.

    Poppy wants to know if you are having a good time?

    Gracie says have you found cupcakes?

    Eloise says have you been to a Halloween disco?

    Send us more pictures please!

    Love Year 1

    • Mrs Lomax/Mrs Bennett Post author

      Thanks for your ideas. However, we were trying to find out the history of the medieval castle. Unfortunately we weren’t looking for gold, sweets or cakes. Jasmine, I have been in the castle, Poppy I am having a good time, Hayley I got there on a plane and Eloise we were too tired to go to a disco. Love Mrs B

  3. Mrs Nelson

    I am glad you arrived safely. You are lucky having the sunshine.

    What are the classrooms in a French school like?

    Are they like our classrooms?

    Your class have been looking after me very well.

    • Mrs Lomax/Mrs Bennett Post author

      Dear Mrs N & Y2
      We have not been in a French school yet, however we’ve been learning a lot in our classroom, which is within the grounds of a French abbeye.
      Hope you and the class keep looking after each other.

  4. Mr Tomlinson

    Bonjour Chef Charles and Barnaby Bear, I hope you are looking after Mrs Lomax and Mrs Bennett. Please make sure they are working VERY hard and, if they are, let them try the fabulous Cassoulet!

    Au Revoir – Mr Tomlinson

    Bonjour Mr T, we have made sure that Mrs L and Mrs B have worked SO hard this morning that they were allowed to play petanque with us and take us on a 6km hike around a lake in the scorching sun! More VERY hard work for then tomorrow.

    Au revoir- C et B

  5. Anya

    Are you having a good time? Are Barnaby and Chef Charles being good for you?

  6. Oscar knows how to say what in French. He is unsure how to spell it though and Mr Kirrane says quelle he thinks!

    Riley wants to know how you are getting on?
    Freddie W has forgotten his finger spaces!
    Hayley wants to know if you are having a nice time?
    Jasmine is keen to see pictures of what you are eating (the whole class are).
    Taylor wants to know if Barnaby is OK?

    Love Year 1

    • Mrs Lomax/Mrs Bennett Post author

      Give Oscar and Mr K a fish. I am having a lovely time and food photos coming. (sorry) B is fine and Freddie W REMEMBER your witchy finger! x

  7. Mrs B,
    The children did write to you this morning. I am not sure if it worked as it doesn’t seem to be on here! We will try again tomorrow. They would like pictures of the food that you are trying please. I think they are hoping you’re eating chocolate snails!
    Miss H

  8. Mrs Lomax/Mrs Bennett Post author

    Not eating chocolate snails. Food photos coming.

  9. Poppy-Jo

    Good Morning Lovely Mrs Bennett,

    What is your favourite food that you have ate so far? What is Barnaby’s?
    Mr Kirrane dressed up as Guy Fawkes and it was so funny!!
    Lots of love Poppy-Jo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Mrs Lomax/Mrs Bennett Post author

      Hi Poppy-Jo,

      My favourite food was wild mushroom tagiatelle and I had it twice! Barnaby loved his chips. I wish I had seen Mr K! Why was it funny? Did you learn about Guy Fawkes? See you tomorrow. Mrs B. x

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