Already at Manchester Airport

casesmandy shoppinggorillaWe are just waiting for a taxi to take us to the airport with our heavy suitcases,full of activities for the children in France to do. When we arrive we will meet other members of our group.One teacher is coming all the way from Liverpool so she will have set off very early in the morning. We have also got small gifts baring the Union Jack. French student will  love this because of the Euro 2016 football tournament. On arrival in Carcassonne, our taxi will take us to the small family run hotel and immediately, our French lessons begin. There will be NO ENGLISH SPOKEN Рonly French! Wish us luck!

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  1. Bon voyage et Bonne chance!

  2. hope u have a nice time in france

  3. How exciting for you and Romiley Primary.
    Does the gorilla in the photo have a name?
    Mrs Driver….. What a massive suitcase;)
    Mr Ownsworth….. Economical packing as ever!!!

  4. Hi Mrs Driver

    Your class are missing you lots already!!

    They have been up to lots of things over the holidays and Matthew has made a great football game out of his box you gave him. You will love it.

    A few questions for yourself and Mr Ownsworth;

    Kaitlynn would like to know if you have made and French friends yet??

    Caleb wants to know if you have eaten any frogs legs and snails?

    Jack D wants to know if you know any new French words that you can teach the class?

    And Louis would like to know if you are having a good time!

    It is raining lots here but just managed to stay dry during PE outside.

    Love Year 3!

    • Mark Post author

      Hi kids how are things? Hope you are working hard!
      Kaitlynn, we have made some new friends. Our teachers are called Cynthia and Emanuelle.
      Caleb, we haven’t eaten frogs legs (les cuisses de grenouilles) but we have had cassoulet and turkey gizzards!! Miam, miam.
      Jack D, you will all have some fab lessons and learn so much when we return.
      Louis (Cutie), it’s great here and yes we are having a good time because we get to be the kids and sit in a classroom, learn and do exciting activities, just like you do everyday at Romiley Primary!
      Any way will write to you all again tomorrow.Love you and missing you so much. A bien tot mes amis xx
      Thank you Miss Hughes for remembering the blog.

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