Minibeast Hunt

This week we discovered that our new topic this term will be ‘At the bottom of the Garden’ and that we will be studying plants and mini-beasts. First we all went on a Minibeast Hunt to find Minibeasts around the school grounds. We were able to find some in the school garden, field and playground. We used Bug Catchers, magnifiers, pots and viewers to look closely at them in their habitat. We made sure that we didn’t harm any and then returned them safely to their habitat. It was so exciting to find and safely capture all of the interesting Minibeasts!

IMGP6112 IMGP6113 IMGP6117 IMGP6121 IMGP6124 IMGP6122 IMGP6123 IMGP6062 IMGP6088 IMGP6097 IMGP6104

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