Arctic Explorers

Arctic ExplorersErnest Shackleton’s story is one of the greatest stories of survival against overwhelming odds.

Shackleton decided he wanted to cross the Antarctic continent, which is 2,000 miles across!

In August August 1914, Shackleton left England with 27 crew and 68 dogs on the ship, “Endurance”.
In January 1915,the ship became stuck in the ice.

After the Endurance sank, Shackleton and his 27 crew spent 6 months floating on an ice berg, went for over a week on a life boat without food or water, and travelled over 800 miles across rough seas to get help.

Altogether he and his crew were away for 2 years, but none of them died!!

Our wall display uses coordinates to work out the position of Shackleton and his ship as he travelled across the Antarctic.

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