Stockport Borough High 5 Netball Finals

Bramhall High School      Tuesday 20th June 2017

Our Netball squad of 9 was Eva Dowling, Lucy Williams, Lucy Gater, Maya Choque Johnson, Shania Broderick, Alisha Sproston, Imogen Webber, Phoebe Williams and Madeleine Shoreman.

We played 5 games and each game consisted of 2 halves of 4 minutes each. Players rotated positions each time they played to ensure fairness throughout each match.

It was an extremely hot morning, however the squad were able to grab plenty of rest between each match and discuss tactics!

Lucy W Match 1 – We  won! 😊
Romiley    2     Mellor 0
Lucy Williams and Alisha scored a goal each. A comforting start.

Match 2 – We  lost.
Woodley  5      Romiley  0
A very experienced and fast team.

Match  3 – We  lost.
Cheadle Catholic Juniors   6      Romiley  2
A match that we lead thanks to Lucy Gater scoring both goals.

Match  4 – We  lost.
St Peters     2      Romiley    0
Not too bad a loss.

Match  5 – We  lost.
(Play-off for 7th & 8th position)
St Thomas’s   1     Romiley   0
A tough even game with the opponents just clinching the winning goal.

We eventually came 8th out of 10 teams.

Afterwards, each team had to select a player for their positive values when playing. Lucy Williams was selected for the value of ‘Passion’ for her amazing fast pace throughout each and every game.

Netball Match

This was a brave effort by a determined squad, which consisted of a mixture of Year 5 and Year 6s. Congratulations to all our squad whose behaviour and determination was exemplary!

Finally, netball will still continue this term at 12 noon on a Monday lunchtime. Present Year 5s and 4s, WE NEED YOU, to help maintain our fantastic team as the present Year 6s leave for high school. “

Please don’t hesitate to contact with any queries.

Many thanks

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