Nick Clegg Praises Romiley Primary

Nick CleggSchool has recently received a letter from Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister, congratulating us on the improvement that has been made to the results of pupils eligible for Pupil Premium.

You may recall from the previous Newsletter that Pupil Premium is aimed at narrowing the gap in attainment and progress between children entitled to free school meal s and looked after pupils, and other pupils.

Here’s a quote from his letter:

The most recently available Key Stage results show that you are among the top performing schools in England for boosting the performance of disadvantaged pupils since the Pupil Premium was introduced. This is a real testament to the hard work of staff, pupils and governors. I would like to congratulate you on your results and your proven commitment to making sure all children can succeed.

Such praise can only be achieved with a strong parent/carer and school partnership and so I would like to thank parents/carers as well as staff, pupils and governors, for their continued support in all we do.

Pupil Premium – more information – click to view

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