Each year the children vote for two children from each class to be their School Councillor. We borrowed polling booths and a ballot box from the local council so children could vote in secret for their preferred candidates. The results were announced in assembly the following day. Because voting was so close this year, some classes have three School Councillors.

Some of our achievements

Voting for CouncilOur School Council has been up and running now for over five years and during that time we have been busy helping to make improvements to our school and the wider community.

The School Council has introduced our ‘House Point’ system to ensure good behaviour is always rewarded. We got all children to vote for the names of each House Group and a trophy is awarded to the group that collects the most house points each week. The School Council have also helped our school to achieve Healthy Schools Status, worked hard at promoting healthy eating, walking & biking to school weeks and helping children to work and play together. Together with our classmates, staff, FRPS and Governors we have helped to gather ideas and develop our school grounds. We now have lots of exciting and challenging equipment for children to use during the school day and a bike shelter too.

We have helped to improve the environment inside school too. We now have mirrors in our cloakrooms and more drinking water facilities in school. All classes recycle paper helping to keep our school and local environment cleaner and greener!

Each year Romiley Primary School Council nominates three charities to support. Last year they raised £1177.80 for Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, £500 for Beechwood Cancer Care and £500 for Hope Hospital. This year our nominated charities are MacMillan Cancer Care, the Calvert Trust and St. Mary’s Hospital.


RMCH cheque presentation




  • School Council Notice Board

    There are photographs of all our Councillors on display so children know who they can go to about issues for the School Council.
    There is a suggestion folder that pupils, parents and staff can use if they have any concerns or ideas they want to be discussed.

  • School Council Meetings

    All our meetings have an agenda and are minuted by our secretary. The minutes are then displayed on the school council notice board for everyone to read.Following every meeting, school councillors find time to feedback to their classmates. They gather ideas or concerns to bring to the next meeting.
    Two councillors ensure that our Head teacher, Mr Tomlinson, is informed of progress at meetings and decisions made.

  • School Councillor Job Description

    To go to school council meetings and take part in discussions.
    Let the class know what was discussed and decided at meetings.
    Take the views of classmates to the school council.
    Be involved in projects that the school council runs.
    To behave responsibly both in and out of school and set a good example.

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