At Romiley Primary School we aim to foster the development of the whole child preparing them to take a full and active place in society.

We will offer equally to all children a secure, happy, stimulating environment which is organised, disciplined and where respect is shown one to another within the school and the local community. Each child will be encouraged to develop intellectually, physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually through the experiences the school offers and the care which permeates our school.


A Caring School

The School’s ethos emphasises that we have a caring environment and all children can approach any member of staff at any time they feel the need. Our aim is to make school feel like an extension of home and family and the ethos we strive to create is one in which every child feels valued as an individual. Should you as parents/carers ever require guidance or information please do not hesitate to contact school at any time.

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