Minibeast Bug Ball

Minibeast Bug Ball On Tuesday 27th June we had a mini-beast themed party. We all made bug party food from different ingredients. We had...   Read More

Stockport Borough High 5 Netball Finals

Bramhall High School      Tuesday 20th June 2017 Our Netball squad of 9 was Eva Dowling, Lucy Williams, Lucy Gater, Maya Choque Johnson, Shania Broderick,...   Read More

Measuring in Maths

Mrs Driver’s Maths set have been learning how to measure using litres and millilitres. Here they are making a potion! (click on any of...   Read More

Learning About the UK

We have been learning about the United Kingdom. In groups we made a jigsaw of the UK and labelled the countries, capital cities, highest...   Read More

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