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Our school has been lucky enough to receive funding from the British Council for 6 members of staff to go to France on a French immersion training course. The training will involve French lessons, cultural activities and making links with a French school. Miss Clayton and Miss Ross have already been and now it’s  Mrs Driver’s and Mr Ownsworth’s turn. Staff will be staying in Carcassonne and visiting a school in Toulouse. Our children will make links with French children through letter writing and emails.

We are really looking forward to our time in France – and will post updates along the way, so watch this space…

Mark Ownsworth & Mandy Driver

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  1. Mrs Driver and I will be working hard over the holiday preparing our English lessons for the French children. I am practising simple nursery ryhmes and rhyming songs on my guitar.

  2. On Wednesday 25th May, all pupils at Romiley will be writing a short letter which will be handed out to French pupils at the Toulouse primary school.

  3. lucy gater

    Dear Mr Ownsworth,
    I hope you have a nice time in France and learn lots of new things.

    To Mr Ownsworth
    I hope you learn loads of French
    good luck

  4. Is Mr O behaving in his French lessons?

  5. Dear Mrs Driver and Mr Ownsworth
    I am missing you already even though you have not set off yet for France.
    i am feeling a bit nervous because i am going to do a play called the jungle book how are you???
    please reply.

    • Hi Amy,

      Good to hear from you. We are both working hard thinking of games and making lovely resources for the French children to play. Good luck with the Jungle Book.

  6. To Mrs Driver,
    I hope you have a lovely time in France.Good luck xxx

  7. izzy

    Dear Mr Ownsworth.
    How are you?
    What are the children like over in the school you are teaching at?
    Have the French children taught you any words or phrases? I hope the weather is nice over there, it’s nice over here at the minute.
    What part of France are you in?
    SEE YOU SOON Mr Ownsworth

    from Izzy

  8. To Mrs Driver
    I hope you are having a lovely time. I have never ever watched Matilda because I was scared of Mrs Trunchbull. But I now know that Matilda is a wonderful film. I really really miss you. How is the weather there, is it hot like England is ? I hope you had a safe journey there and I also hope that you’re teaching a success. How is the food there, is it nice ?

    • Mark Post author

      Good to hear from you Jess, The food is fabulous and we have been having some amazing French lessons.

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